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Writing In Tandem Is A Lost Art...
...Besides You Come Up With Twice As Many Plot Bunnies This Way
The Muses Missives 
25th-Sep-2009 12:21 am - Insomnia
[csi:ny] stella
Title: Insomnia
Fandom: CSI/CSI: Miami/CSI:NY
Characters: Nick Stokes/Stella Bonasera
Authors: iluvroadrunner6
Prompt: 092. Lovers
Word Count: 563
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Nick can't sleep and Stella clearly needs to fix it.
Author's Note: Part of my A Place for Us series. Written for afteriwake.

( Insomnia )
but i do
Title: She Just Wanted to be Heard Day 29: The Secrets We Keep
Day 30: The Shadow People
Day 31: Peripheral Vision
Day 32: The Past is Always There
Author: sailorhathor
Claim: The Ring
Prompts: Fits #29-32
Fandom: The Ring/Supernatural x-over
Rating: PG-13. Sam/Jess.
Word Count: 3,000-4,500 per chapter
Summary: For the second time since this whole thing had started, Sam wanted to call his father. Or, at least Dean. At the end of the week, a lot of people could die, and Sam wasn't sure there was anything he could do to stop it.
He thought again of the cursed student, Meredith. She was here, not unreachable in Boston, but here. If he could just save this one, there would be sunlight at the end of the tunnel concerning saving the rest.

Warning: Slightly AU, pre-series during Sam's time at Stanford. Spoilers for The Ring and Ringu series of movies. Vague spoilers for SPN "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1." The OC sex scene in Day 29 borders on R rated.
Author's Notes: All chapters beta'ed by my friend Sammie! *Hugs Shammie*
Coclaim Table
ruby - original gangsta
Title: Lacerated Sky Chp 7: Surrender
Lacerated Sky Chp 8: Jessica is Burning
Author: sailorhathor
Claim: Dean Winchester of Supernatural, Paul Callan of Miracles, and the pairing
Prompt: #85 Runaway
Rating: NC-17. Pairings - Sam/Dean UST, brief Dean/OFC's, & Sam/Lenore/Dean
Word Count: Chp 7 - 4,593; Chp 8 - 5,270
Simpsons Ref Summary: Sam is turned into a vampire... with sexy results!
Serious Summary: The vampire stalking Dean, Sam, and Lenore steps up her game, forcing Sam and Lenore to make a difficult decision. Sam becomes seriously ill, so Dean and Lenore cook up a dangerous plan to save him.
Warning: AU. Incestuous overtones, graphic het sex, bad language, and vampirism/blood drinking. Contains spoilers for several episodes of Supernatural, especially the second season up to "Bloodlust."
Author's Notes: I'm sorry it's been such a long time since my last chapter; RL got out of hand. Time go zoom.
Told from Dean's POV.
22nd-Nov-2008 09:48 pm - #007 Shed The Past (Mal/Inara)
John and Elizabeth - down
Title: Shed The Past
Fandom: Firefly
Characters: Mal/Inara
Prompt: #007 Interest ~ crying for you one last time & #092 Lovers
Word Count: 250
Rating: T+
Summary: Her throat is tight. Unshed tears burn her eyes.
Notes: Written for 30_angsts and coclaim100. Day 4 of my August Fic-A-Day Challenge.

(Shed The Past)
skeet - sweet skeet meat
Title: Persistence of Memory
Author: sailorhathor
Claim: Paul Callan from "Miracles," Dean Winchester from SPN, and the pairing (this story is straight Miracles)
Prompt: #59 Fire
Rating: PG-13, Gen
Word Count: 12,625
Summary: Alva realizes it's time to tell Paul the devastating secret he's been keeping. But will he have the chance before an entity wishing its freedom takes what he holds most dear from him?
Warning: Descriptions of injuries that may be too much for those who are easily grossed out (I tried to keep it to a minimum, though). The last scene contains brief, nonexplicit dubious sexual consent between OMC/OFC.
Beta: Thanks to Harshini for the beta and the great feedback!
Author's Notes: The first person I ever saw present the idea in this story (the secret Alva has been keeping) was my friend, deejay. Thanks to her for letting me play with it.
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4th-Nov-2008 12:05 am - #003 Everyday Moments (Kaylee)
John and Elizabeth - down
Title: Everyday Moments
Fandom: Firefly
Characters: Kaylee
Prompt: #003 Moments
Word Count: 135
Rating: PG
Summary: It was the small things that Kaylee loved.
Author's Notes: Written for Jewel Staite (and given to her at the Brisbane Supanova) and coclaim100.

(Everyday Moments)
katie and static
Title: She Just Wanted to Be Heard, Day 27: Patchwork
Day 28: Closer, My Dear, Come Closer
Author: sailorhathor
Fandoms: The Ring/Ringu/Supernatural/Little House on the Prairie (Claim: The Ring)
Prompts: #27 Passages and 28 Unbound
Rating: PG-13, Gen (SPN: Sam/Jess)
Word Count: Each chapter about 4,800 words
Summary: Day 27: Alexandra pulls two people who have never met (Sam being one of them) into a vision that joins the past with the present. They serve as witnesses to Samara's methods of intimidation. Day 28: Sam and Jessica discuss the curious and dark case of the Bloodworth family, where cruel methods were used to bring out the childrens' psychic powers.
Warning: Spoilers for the entire Ringu/The Ring series. These chapters contain the hunting of animals, as well as fictional historic content concerning Adolf Hitler and the Nazi SS guard.
Author's Notes: Set pre-series for SPN during the Stanford years.
For those of you who see "x-over with Little House on the Prairie" and think, "Yay, crack!fic!" you're way off. LHotP often got very, very dark. Those darker aspects of the show are explored in this x-over.

Confused? You can find out.

Coclaim Table
badass dave
Title: The Darkness, It Wants 1-3
Author: sailorhathor
Claim: Dean Winchester of Supernatural/Paul Callan of Miracles
Prompt: #22 Too Much
Rating: Rated R for sexual situations between two men, discussion of sexual kink involving guns, bad language, and violence (including several graphic murder scenes)
Word Count: 15,380 total
Beta: Thanks to Harshini for the beta!
Summary: In early 2003, Chad Goodwell murdered five people because the voice of God told him to. Sam's visions finally reveal the truth of how the 19-year-old college student was manipulated into destroying so many lives, and who was really behind it all.
Warning: See the rating section. Spoilers for Miracles "Hand of God" and "The Ferguson Syndrome." Spoilers for Supernatural "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1" and the pilot. Spoilers for the classic Star Trek episode "The Empath." One scene contains homophobic language.
Author's Notes: Five people Chad Goodwell killed and two he didn't, but not for lack of trying.
Feedback: See ya next week! Keep those cards and letters comin'!
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8th-Aug-2008 03:50 pm(no subject)
val kilmer's hands
Title: La vie dans la Mort
Author: derangedfangirl
Rating: FRAO/NC-17
Pairing: Hotch/Prentiss

  You are under no delusions that this is about love, or even lust.  It's about proving that, fuck it all, you're still alive..

co-claim 100- Brutal.  Also, inspired by this picture:

In your head, they're clear.

A/N.  First time writing a graphic smut-fic, though I think (hope) it's not PWP or just.. random sex.  Concrit highly appreciated!

This piece gave me some trouble, I won't lie.  And... well, I surprised myself, because I had NO idea this would turn out to be... what it is... when I started. 
27th-Jul-2008 11:29 am - Criminal Minds Prompt 058
Title: No difference
Author: Shameless_Craze
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Characters: Reid/Morgan
Spoilers: None
Prompt: 058 Brutal
Word Count:209
Rating: Pg 13
Summary: Release in brutality.

No Difference
badass dave
Title: Unspoken 1-4
Author: sailorhathor
Fandom: Supernatural/Miracles
Claim: Dean Winchester of SPN/Paul Callan of Miracles
Prompt: #39 Choice
Universe: Brokeback Mothman
Rating: NC-17 for graphic m/m sex and bad language
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Paul Callan. Discussion of Teen!Dean/Billy Loomis from Scream.
Word Count: 19,273 total
Beta: Thanks to Harshini the Impatient Vegemite for poking me until I wrote this story. She also served as its beta.
Summary: Dean and Sam return to Boston, and Dean tells Paul a secret that might end their relationship.
Warning: Contains spoilers for all of Miracles and Supernatural up to "The Benders." Spoilers for the movie Scream.
Author's Notes: I haven't written for my OTP for quite some time; I was too busy conning others into doing it. ;) But I always intended to take up this storyline again.
Feedback: Don't forget! To write! We love to 'ear! From you! ;D

10th-Jul-2008 08:19 pm - Prompt. 17
val kilmer's hands
Title: Different
Author: derangedfangirl
Rating: PG for some violent imagry
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing/Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Hayley Hotchner
Summary: They were polar opposites. Hotch muses on Hayley as the divorce papers lie on his desk.

Story on my journal. 
27th-Jun-2008 01:47 am - Criminal Minds Prompt 15

Title:Discoloured Part 1/2
Author: Shameless_Craze
Criminal minds
Characters: Reid, pre-slash Hotch/reid
Spoilers: 1.06. L.D.S.K
Prompt: 015 First Time
Word Count: 355
Rating: Pg13
Reid reflects.
AN: I wanted to do the first time that Reid and Hotch have sex, but I figured that’s what everyone would probably write about for the prompt ‘first time’ so I took a different spin on it.  

Story on my LJ

12th-Jun-2008 09:56 pm - Note From Mods
The community is still open and accepting claims, just for awhile we weren't getting notifications of anything and real life became a beast and a half to deal with.

We're still here and the claim table will be updated and dropped claims will be removed.

If you're still here and working on your claim, could you please comment here and let us know?
1st-Jun-2008 11:56 am - Fic : prompt 52

Title: We're allowed to. . .
Criminal minds
Characters: Hotch/Reid
Prompt: #052 Bending the rules
Word Count: 170
Rating: M
Reid and Hotch bend the rules in Hotch's office
Authors notes: Unbeta-ed ...it feels slightly incomplete. Constuctive critisism is valued.

"We're allowed to. . ."

1st-Jun-2008 01:52 am - Fic: prompt 53

Title: Absence of Light
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Rating: FRT
Charcter/Pairing: Spencer Reid (with a little hint of Reid/Hotch, but just a little)
Words: 600
Summary: Reid is not afraid of the dark.
Note: Takes place shortly after 2x06 The Boogeyman & refers to a conversation therein

Table -> http://infamousemdee.livejournal.com/5454.html

3rd-May-2008 12:48 am - Washington Rock
[wc/leverage] neal/parker
Title: Washington Rock
Fandom: CSI/CSI: Miami/CSI:NY
Characters: Don Flack/Calleigh Duquesne
Authors: iluvroadrunner6
Prompt: 019. Road Trip
Word Count: 968
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Flack and Calleigh make Fourth of July plans.
Author's Note: Part of my A Place for Us series.

( Washington Rock )
2nd-May-2008 10:34 pm - That's the Job
[wc/leverage] neal/parker
Title: That's the Job
Fandom: CSI/CSI: Miami/CSI:NY
Characters: Nick Stokes/Stella Bonasera, Don Flack
Authors: iluvroadrunner6
Prompt: 086. Missing
Word Count: 675
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Flack drops by the lab to see what's happening.
Author's Note: Part of my A Place for Us series.

( That's the Job )
badass dave
Title: She Just Wanted to Be Heard, Day 25: Dark Divinity
Day 26: Eyewitness
Author: sailorhathor
Fandom: The Ring/Supernatural (claim is on The Ring)
Prompts: #25 Truth and #26 Interest
Rating: PG-13, Gen (Sam/Jess)
Word Count: Each chapter is 2,600-3,000 words
Summary: What threat do the Winchesters represent to Samara and the others? Sam and Jessica spend a lot of time flirting (with Sam being a bit of a spazz), but they do figure out something very important - how the curse works.
Warning: Spoilers for the entire Ringu/The Ring series. Part of the plot concerns fictional content added to the history of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi SS guard. Day 25 has an unpleasant picture at the top of the page, but if you're not familiar with what it is, you might not be able to tell. In that case, it probably won't bother you. ;)

Confused? Read past chapters here.

Coclaim Table
16th-Apr-2008 02:24 pm - #088 Slow And Painful (Kaylee)
John and Elizabeth - down
Title: Slow And Painful
Fandom: Firefly
Characters: Kaylee
Prompt: #088 Tears
Word Count: 872
Rating: T+ (Dark!fic)
Notes: Written for coclaim100.

(Slow And Painful)
badass dave
Title: Lacerated Sky, Chapter 5: Vampire Games
Lacerated Sky, Chapter 6: Most Precious
Author: sailorhathor
Claim: Dean Winchester of Supernatural, Paul Callan of Miracles, and the pairing
Rating: NC-17
Prompts: #65 Treasure & #10 Awakening
Pairings: Chp 5 - Dean/Lenore, Dean/OFC. Chp 6 - Vampire!Sam/Lenore/Dean.
Word Count: 5 - 3,897. 6 - 4,248.
Summary: Dean spends some time bonding with Lenore. She and Sam question Dean about what happened during their period of amnesia; it turns into a hot threesome. Someone has a message for Dean he won't see coming.
Timeline: Alternate Universe after the Supernatural episode "Bloodlust."
Warnings: These chapters contain incestuous sexual contact (Vampire!Sam/Dean), vampirism/blood drinking, graphic sex, and gore. Spoilers for some second season episodes of SPN. Discussion of teenage Wincest.
Author's Notes: Told from Dean's POV. Other notes included with the story.

Missed some chapters? Start here.

Split-Claim Table
2nd-Feb-2008 08:23 pm - Go Big Blue
[wc/leverage] neal/parker
Title: Go Big Blue
Fandom: CSI:NY
Characters: Don Flack/Kaile Maka, various NPCs
Authors: iluvroadrunner6
Prompt: 052. Bending the Rules
Word Count: 742
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Flack and Maka get an amusing call during a stakeout.
Author's Note: I do not mean to offend any Patriots fans, but Flack's a Giants guy.

( Go Big Blue )
skeet - sweet skeet meat
Title: Layers Within Layers, That One (Four Ways in which Alva Surprised Paul, and One Way He Didn't)
Author: sailorhathor
Claim: Paul Callan, Dean Winchester, and the pairing
Prompt: #27 Passages
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4,496
Summary: Paul sees four sides of Alva he never expected, and one he did.
Warning: Spoilers for "The Battle of Shadow Ridge" and "Saint Debbie."

Split-Claim Table
badass dave
Title: She Just Wanted to Be Heard, Day 22: You will Drink Coke and Die in Seven Days
Day 23: Bookmark
Day 24: Vicious Cycle
Author: sailorhathor
Claim: The Ring
Fandom: The Ring/Supernatural x-over (only Days 23 and 24 have SPN content; set pre-series for SPN)
Prompts: #22 Too Much, #23 Hatred, and #24 Lies
Rating: PG-13, Gen
Word Count: Each chapter is 2,000-3,500 words
Summary: Day 22: Jodie and Professor McNeal discover something shocking about Samara's videotape. Beckett tries to find out why Stacy is cutting herself again.
Days 23&24: While researching Alexandra Baptiste and her supernatural paintings, Sam learns about their connection to Adolf Hitler and the SS forces, and remembers an incident from his childhood where Dean had a bloody encounter with one of the daughters of Heptamera. Alexandra tries to turn Sam to her way of thinking, but she may lose him when she badmouths John.
Warning: Spoilers for the entire Ringu and The Ring series. Other individual warnings are included with each chapter for things like discussion of self-harm and light sexual content.

Confused? Read past chapters here.

11th-Dec-2007 02:44 pm - I'm Cracking up, #84 Rejection
gambit anna
Title: I'm cracking up
Author: sexywitchmom3
Fandom: X-Men
Prompt: #84 Rejection
Rating: G
Word Count:

I'm cracking upCollapse )
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