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Writing In Tandem Is A Lost Art...
...Besides You Come Up With Twice As Many Plot Bunnies This Way
Claims Table 
31st-Jul-2006 09:27 am

Fandom Character/Pairings/Etc Author How Many
Anita Blake : Vampire Hunter General Series - leanings toward Anita/Micah forpardandpack and nimir_raj_micah 100
Battlestar Galactica Lee Adama and Kara Thrace mands_angelfox and trinnifer 100
Beauty and the Beast (TV Series) Catherine/Vincent sehkmetenkare 50
Black Jewels Trilogy Jaenelle/Karla sehkmetenkare and random_chick 50
Bleach General Series decayd_matter 100
Bones General Series xfirefly9x 50
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter Tara Maclay/Hermione Granger fiery_hermione and tara_j_maclay 100
Charmed Phoebe and Cole koshkaphoenix 50
Charmed/Good Omens/A Knight's Tale Crowley/Phoebe/Geoff/Paige sehkmetenkare and the4thsister 100
Charmed/Stargate SG1 Camulus/Phoebe sehkmetenkare and rostand 100
Charmed/Good Omens Crowley/Phoebe charmingempath and did_not_fall 100
Charmed/Mutant X General Series/Brennan Mulwray tyrybaby 100
Chronicles of Narnia Lucy Pevensie lucy_lioness 100
Crimson Petal and the White Sugar shushing 100
CSI/CSI:Miami/CSI:NY General Series bjjones and toby_white_wolf as 2_soul_sisters 100
CSI:Miami/CSI:NY/NCIS General Series iluvroadrunner6 100
CSI:NY Danny Messer/Kaile Maka goddess_loki 100
CSI:NY General Series stellaluna_ and gin200168 50
CSI:NY Don Flack/Kaile Maka goddess_loki and iluvroadrunner6 50
CSI:NY/Numb3rs General Series goddess_loki and and_dark_skies 50
CSI:NY/Stargate Atlantis General Series mistokath13 and nerfgunqueen as yakihngenit 100
CSI/NCIS General Series kuyashinaki 50
The DaVinci Code Silas gods_ghost 50
Digimon Adventure 02 General Series caitlin_chan and rostand 50
Dr. Who Jack Harkness twoyearsmissing 100
Dr. Who Ten/Rose lilly_g_potter 100
Firefly General Series xfirefly9x 50
Good Omens Anthony J. Crowley did_not_fall 50
Harry Potter Nyphandora Tonks theaurotonks 100
Harry Potter/Babylon 5 Nyphandora Tonks/Susan Ivanova rostand 100
House, MD Greg House/James Wilson celticfaerie2 100
Jekyll and Hyde Henry Jekyll/(Edward Hyde) and Lucy Harris a_darker_dream and senses_proclaim 100
Labrynth Jareth and Sarah couldbehisqueen 50
Lord of the Rings General Series anorienbean 100
Miracles/Supernatural Paul Callan and Dean Winchester sailorhathor Depends on the muses
Mutant X Jesse Kilmartin/Glory Tobin random_chick and and_dark_skies 100
Naruto General Series decayd_matter 100
Numb3rs Don Eppes/Lynn Ventimiglia random_chick 50
Real Person Fiction Craig Parker and David Wenham anorienbean and bijouatweb 50
Real Person Fiction Robert Sean Leonard/Alan Davies michelleann68 and evila_elf 100
Real Person Fiction Dale Earnhardt Jr./Jeff Gordon catw00man and zippitgood 100
The Ring General Series sailorhathor 100
Stargate Atlantis Elizabeth/Ronon ladysarahjane 50
Stargate Atlantis John/Teyla ladysarahjane 50
Supernatural General Series mands_angelfox and dea_liberty as foolsforthis 100
Women of the Otherworld General Series ladybug218 and Mylia 100
Xena: Warrior Princess Callisto mmmaniacal 100
X-Men Tamsin Doniger/Kitty Pryde sehkmetenkare and random_chick 50
X-Men Logan/Ororo ladysarahjane 50
4th-Jan-2007 04:23 pm (UTC)
umm...just a quick thing...

my claim is for CSI/CSI: Miami/CSI:NY. Not CSI: Miami/CSI:NY/NCIS. i think you got them swapped with the one above me.
10th-Feb-2007 09:43 am (UTC)
Just to let you know -- I'm co-claiming Bleach with strawberryvox
22nd-Nov-2008 11:56 am (UTC)
Hey, I was wondering about tags... There don't appear to be any for my claim (50 Bones - 50 Firefly). Wasn't sure where to ask about it.

My latest entries are here and here.
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